My back hurts and I blame Ikea!

Our stuff arrived and we’ve been working for the last 3 days on putting it all together and organizing the office. Whenever I do renos I get so frustrated because I’m not as tall or as strong as I’d like to be. I need to work on that. Anyone have a leg stretcher I can borrow?

Thankfully our friend Jay was in town from Montreal … and he and our friend Stu came over for coffee and I put them to work. I am so thankful for their help because I am no where near tall enough to do anything that was required.
Dick in a box?? 🙂
I let the boys visit and work on the units …
… and went into the kitchen to start working on a “Thank you for helping us” lunch. I had almost no food in the house but I did have red lentils so I went about making Raunch Red Lentil Soup. Of course the kitchen was full of Ikea stuff that was too heavy for me to move so I had to work around the mess as I cooked (BTW – I’m wearing gloves to cut a jalapeno pepper).
mmmmmm. Soup. I also threw some Better Than Butter Tarts into the oven for the boys … The recipe for this is in the new calendar. This stud is looking for a stud…
Can’t show you the finished product just yet … cause we’re still working on it. Ugh.

In other news … Look at this cute travel shaver!! My in-laws came over this weekend for a visit and a woman that my Mother In Law works with gave her this vintage travel shaver to give to me because she knows how much I like kitchy things. Thank you!! I love it.
How cute!!How was your New Years? Did you party? I was in my pajamas and brushing my teeth at 11:55pm. Gerry and I had a little count-down and a kiss at about 12:02am before we hit the sheets exhausted.

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  1. Lesli says:

    HI Sarah! well, i admit it, i got really drunk New Year’s eve… after no drink at all for over 4 yrs!. I have a good excuse, i got dumped just before the holidays. I think i got it all out of my system now, tho- Happy New Year- and office!

  2. Anastasia says:

    New Years is left simply for the boy and I. Key lime pie and Twilight Zone marathon is all we need. It tends to always be quiet and fantastic.

    I am certainly looking forward to another year of vegan fantasticness.

    thank you for 2008 and all of the little treats you filled it with.

  3. HappieKamper says:

    You look very serious about those jalapenos. 🙂

    New Year’s Eve was okay. More excited for 2009 than the last day of 2008.

  4. HappieKamper says:

    I forgot to mention, that soup looks FANTASTIC! I’m going to make it tomorrow. mmmmmmm, can’t wait!

  5. Jen O says:

    What shelves did you get, Sarah? I’m looking at the Billy bookshelves at Ikea, and I’m freaking out that they won’t hold all the books for the library we’re building…

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