My arms!!!

My arms are so tired from scraping, painting and all the general scooping, stooping and lifting. Wowzers. I better have some serious muscle definition when we’re done all these renos or I’ll be pissed. 🙂

Our new flooring arrived yesterday… I can’t wait to get it down. It’s going to look FABU!

Doesn’t look like much happened in here… but it really has. Lots of filling, painting and then painting the doors. *note to self* Painting doors sucks…
And then in the office say good-bye to dusty rose and hello to 06795. The color we had made has no fancy name. I like to call it a warm creamy white.

When you do renos do you ever look at what you’re doing and think… there is no way we are ever going to be finished. I think renovation fatigue is starting to set in…Off to finish the painting but today I’m working solo… Gerry’s at work and Fergus is such a lazy sod he just sits on his doggie pillow and watches me paint. What a diva.

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