My arms are soooo tired and sore …

… from the painting. I have 2 more walls and the ceiling to go and I should be done. The next job I have to tackle is painting all the baseboards in the house. I’ve been meaning to do that since we had the floors done when we moved in and that was almost a year ago! Eeek! That should go fairly fast and not be so strenuous… I hope.

So every night after our walk with the dog – we check the basement for squatters. In the basement is an old couch and Fergus likes to rub his stink all over it (he doesn’t stink). What is he doing? Do all dogs do this? What is it for? I mean it looks like it feels good. It looks like it’s fun … but what’s the point?

Maybe the lesson is that there is no point and just to enjoy. Anyhoo… it’s the best part of my day and it makes me beyond happy to watch him snuffle and snort.

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