My arms are soooo tired and sore …

… from the painting. I have 2 more walls and the ceiling to go and I should be done. The next job I have to tackle is painting all the baseboards in the house. I’ve been meaning to do that since we had the floors done when we moved in and that was almost a year ago! Eeek! That should go fairly fast and not be so strenuous… I hope.

So every night after our walk with the dog – we check the basement for squatters. In the basement is an old couch and Fergus likes to rub his stink all over it (he doesn’t stink). What is he doing? Do all dogs do this? What is it for? I mean it looks like it feels good. It looks like it’s fun … but what’s the point?

Maybe the lesson is that there is no point and just to enjoy. Anyhoo… it’s the best part of my day and it makes me beyond happy to watch him snuffle and snort.

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11 Responses to My arms are soooo tired and sore …

  1. Saar and Niko says:

    You should send that to

  2. vegannikki says:

    My dog does that same thing on our couch too, but my dog is a 70 pound german shepard! I always thought that it was so funny but I have no clue why, glad to see its just not my dog.

  3. Maria Rose says:

    Oh my that is too cute! Bumbklebee only does that after a bath. I wish I got to see it every night!

  4. E.K. Wimmer says:

    I think after you get done painting each day you should rub on the old couch like Furgus. It’s the only way to truly understand where he’s coming from.

  5. Raven says:

    Thanks for the laugh.

    I don’t know much about dogs, but that has got to be one the funnest things I’ve seen in a long time. Way to go Fergus!

  6. skinartia says:

    I know when cats rub their faces along things like that it’s to leave pheromones behind so other cats know that that’s a friendly place. Not sure that that’s the same with dogs. I noticed that just before he started rubbing his face on everything that he dragged his butt a little bit which could be anal gland marking.

  7. Scott says:

    That’s just one very happy pooch!

  8. erin32mc says:

    That is too cute. I can see why it’s your favorite part of the day.

  9. leigh says:

    hahaha, that’s so cute! i dogsit for a Yorkie that does that, but my dog doesn’t :-/

  10. Anonymous says:

    Maybe he’s trying to get the couch smell on him? Or maybe he’s trying to cover up the smell of the couch? (And nope, I’m not saying your couch stinks!)

    He looks a lot like my cat when she’s frantically rubbing her face into some catnip!

    – Lauren from AV

  11. jenny says:

    OMG, that is hysterical! George (my black lab) does that if I leave my towel on the floor after my shower!! so weird!

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