Moo Shoes morning … Natalie Portman kind of afternoon…

Woke up really EARLY for some reason and dragged poor Gerry to do laundry with me at the crack of dawn. I’ve been way for 2 weeks and have run out of clean everything!! I’ve had 2 weeks to get used to this time change… poor Gerry hasn’t even had 24 hours. But like a good sport he was up with me at 7am (which is really 4am for him). Gosh he loves me.

Then we wandered around our hood and checked out the sights. This poster cracked me up. Then we had breakfast at our favourite breakfast spot Teany. They make really great oatmeal and we love starting our day there. This is our 3rd visit to NY and breakfast at Teany has become our NY morning tradition.
Then we went to Moo Shoes to say hi to Erica and Sara. The window was all set up with books for the party that night.
Erica and Sara weren’t around but Bowery was keeping watch… he’s so bad-ass!
We decided to visit Natalie Portman … well her shoes anyway. I wanted to check them out but first we headed to W. Broadway we stopped in at the Yonah Schimmel Knishery and bought a Sweet Potato Knish to eat on our walk to see Natalie.
These things are the size of a small baby and are DELISH! Even Barbara eats there!! We found Te Casan and it was my lucky day because a large portion of Natalie’s shoes were 50% and 60% off! WOOT! That makes them almost affordable. *laugh*
Eeek! I bought 2 pairs… what? I’m on holiday. I deserve them … photos of my precious shoes later!! I promise. Thank you Natalie Portman for designing such pretty vegan shoes. You rock.

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  1. Maria Rose says:

    Do her shoes come in my giant size 12?

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