Monkey Bunch

YAY!! I just got my new Monkey Bunch album in the mail!! And it’s available NOW for download at i-tunes.

For those of you with kids or those of you with kids in your life or those of you who are kids at heart – this new album is fantastic!!

The album has all the heart, joy and inside grown-up jokes of a well crafted 70’s Sesame Street skit. It has the crazy zany wordplay of a vintage Spike Jones album and best of all it’s REAL music played with REAL live instruments.

Your kids deserve to have The Monkey Bunch in their lives! 🙂

It’s available right now on i-tunes but if you’re like me and you like to own a cd so you can hold it in your hands and read the liner notes it will be available soon on Maple Music or you can ask your local independent record store to order it in for you.


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