Had a busy day running errands yesterday, but I did manage to stop to visit Gerry at the shop for a few minutes and have a kick ass gluten free pizza at The Joint. They’re making their own vegan cheese now and is it ever yum!!
Later that evening Wendy and I went to see Meatloaf.
It really was exactly what you would expect from a Meatloaf concert.

Wendy and I were there for about an hour and saw 5 songs. There were no breaks in between the songs… Meatloaf songs are loooong. I think Paradise is 8 minutes 30 seconds.

Meat or Loaf or Mr. Meatloaf sang an unbearably long and pointless ballad about Objects In The Rear View Mirror May Appear Closer Than They Are and then suddenly left the stage. The house lights came up and the band was gone.

Is the show over? No no. Our seat neighbor informed us that it was intermission. INTERMISSION?? Who has an intermission at a rock show.

We left.

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  1. KleoPatra says:

    Oy, that was a funny post. Not sure whether you intended it to be or not, but i laughed good!!

  2. Karen says:

    You probably didn’t miss anything. Everything I’ve heard about his tour this time ’round, its not good…

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