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Ok all you iMac geeks… I need a little help.

I am trying to make an iMovie with some tivo files. I know how to turn them into mpegs… but iMovie won’t let me edit them.

So I also have the ability to turn them into other files for editing such as avi, mov, dv, etc… what is the best quality file to use when editing for iMovie? Anyone??

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  1. fancyjane says:

    i use final cut on my mac because i edit for work so i’m not too familiar with the imovie. but, out of curiosity, i was looking around on imovie just now and it said this in one of the help menus:

    “You can import video from any file in one of the following formats: MPEG-4, DV, or .mov files.”

    by the way i hate that there are so many friggin formats out there. if mpeg-4 doesn’t work i would try .mov files. good luck and i’m interested to hear what you come up with in your quest.

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