Hey Local Peeps!!
It’s that time of year again. Time to vote!!
The M-Awards are coming up and we need your help. The ballots are found in the new issue of Monday Magazine and we would love for you to vote for us. Ballots must be in at the Monday office by Jan 26th. That’s right around the corner so no lollygagging!!

Favourite over all production: The Cheesecake Revue – X-mas show
Favourite dance performance: The Cheesecake Revue
Favourite Dancer: insert your fav cheesecake performers name here
Favourite Choreographer: The Cheesecake Revue
Favourite Comedy Act: Velma Husk from The Cheesecake Revue

And while you’re at it… help our friends with a vote!

Favourite artist (any medium): Gerry Kramer
Most promising artist (any medium): Sarah Kramer
Favourite Photographer (any medium): Sarah Kramer
Favourite local film maker: Brian Clement
Favourite film event: Meat Market 3
Favourite live music venue: Lucky Bar

PLEASE remember not to stuff the ballots… stuffing will cause us to be disqualified but by all means encourage your friends, family and neighbors to vote for us.

You must have 15 categories filled out. I have given you 11. I’ll let you figure out the rest. 😀

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