We went to the Luminara Festival. It’s the 10th anniversary and I’ve never been (for shame) and always seem to miss it for some reason … so despite a sore back, a tired dog and a grumpy husband – I was determined to go and we managed to get to the park right at dusk when the light is it’s most magical.

We moved through the park looking at all the different lanterns and I looked West through the trees towards the sunset and noticed that the sky was bright red. There was low thunder rumblings (it never thunder storms here) and then we saw some HUGE lightning …

Gerry started to get nervous because it felt like one of those Apocalyptic movies where a giant crowd is having a good time and suddenly the moon cracks in half and chaos ensues – so we quickly made our way through the park and headed home. The sky still bright red in the west and a full rainbow to the east it started to pour with rain. Everyone in the streets were laughing and waving their glow-sticks at each other. It was a really nice moment …

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  1. nova says:

    i was scared last night, home alone with a thunder storm…and that weird sky!!

    and my stupid cat was not comforting at all. she was all claws and hiding.

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