Look into my eyes…

Had my eyes checked today. It’s been a while since my last appointment and I’ve noticed lately that menus in dark restaurants are becoming difficult to read. Uh oh. The decent into old age begins

The office e-mailed me my eyeball photos. Sooo cool! It kind of looks like my mammogram. *laugh*
The worst part of the entire visit was the pupil dilation. I’ve never had that done before and while it didn’t hurt … …it sure was annoying not being able to focus on ANYTHING for 4 hours and having to ask Gerry to read my e-mails to me and to tell me what was happening on the funny youtube videos they were watching at the shop. I will never take my eyeballs for granted ever again. I love them. I need them.

In other news the Tattoo Shop always ends up with a register full of pennies. I’m not sure why. We don’t deal in pennies. It’s always round numbers. So every couple of months I fill a few cups with pennies and put them on the window sill for the hobos.
Only … none of the hobos would take them away. The hobos in Victoria are so snooty.

I’m off to Vancouver tomorrow – if the impending snow storm doesn’t shut down the city (we’re supposed to be getting 10-15cm). Don’t laugh.

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5 Responses to Look into my eyes…

  1. Mpatshi says:

    cool eyeball picture:d…
    And while spread pupils are pretty, I can understand they are annoying as hell:d

  2. E.K. Wimmer says:

    Maybe you should take your pennies to Vancouver! Oh, I like your eyeball photo. I have my skull x-ray, it’s odd.

  3. meridith says:

    I delayed going to the eye doctor for years specifically because I don’t like the dilation part. I was relieved to find a optometrist that uses a no-dilation technique called Optomap. Worth every penny…ha! Actually, I think it cost less than $30 out of pocket in the States.

  4. Eve Love says:

    i had those eyeballs checkup and dilatation every month from 1995 to 2000. You get use to it… you still can focus, but the light is so annoying!
    but you are so right about not taking your eyes for granted!!!

  5. KinaBolina says:

    Hahahaha…that happened to me in San Francisco all the time. I would even roll them before giving them away and still got flack for it. One of the guys, I actually ended up having a full fledged argument with (crazy girl arguing with the homeless, right here folks) because I was giving him 10 rolls…which is…yeah, $5. He didn’t care. He asked me to cash them in. Can you imagine that? Dood…picky picky picky.

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