Look into my eyes…

Had my eyes checked today. It’s been a while since my last appointment and I’ve noticed lately that menus in dark restaurants are becoming difficult to read. Uh oh. The decent into old age begins

The office e-mailed me my eyeball photos. Sooo cool! It kind of looks like my mammogram. *laugh*
The worst part of the entire visit was the pupil dilation. I’ve never had that done before and while it didn’t hurt … …it sure was annoying not being able to focus on ANYTHING for 4 hours and having to ask Gerry to read my e-mails to me and to tell me what was happening on the funny youtube videos they were watching at the shop. I will never take my eyeballs for granted ever again. I love them. I need them.

In other news the Tattoo Shop always ends up with a register full of pennies. I’m not sure why. We don’t deal in pennies. It’s always round numbers. So every couple of months I fill a few cups with pennies and put them on the window sill for the hobos.
Only … none of the hobos would take them away. The hobos in Victoria are so snooty.

I’m off to Vancouver tomorrow – if the impending snow storm doesn’t shut down the city (we’re supposed to be getting 10-15cm). Don’t laugh.

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