London – Free Day

Today was my free day … so I slept in late and then looked on my handy-dandy Veg-Out iPhone app to see what kind of vegan food was in my area and saw that SAF Restaurant was about 20 minutes walk away. Wahoo!

I wandered around the neighbourhood (man it’s pretty over here in South Kengsington). I have a thing for gargoyles… 🙂

Then I hit Kengsington High Street and got sucked right into Top Shop. I had no plans to go shopping for frilly things but all the cute dresses in the window were calling my name so I walked out of there a little lighter in the wallet. *laugh*

Trying on clothes is exhausting so I dragged my staving tummy across the street to the Whole Foods and went upstairs to the food-court where Saf is located.

I had the Pad Thai …

And a blueberry cheesecake. OMG!

After my lunch I went down to Whole Foods and wandered the aisles for about 2 hours (I’m not kidding) looking at all the different UK products. I love how everything is labeled with GF (gluten free) or V (Vegan) or SF (soy free). Makes shopping less of a chore. 🙂

Unsure what to do with the rest of my afternoon I tweeted for help for things to see in my area. Some of you suggested The Science Museum, The Natural History Museum or the Victoria and Albert Museum. I decided on the V&A and started walking towards it when it started raining.

Listen. I’m from the Pacific North West. We know rain … but this rainstorm that hit was unbelievable. Thunder. Lightening. Ominous Clouds and a sheet of rain came down. I’ve never seen rain like that … I hid under a Starbucks awning hoping it would pass but it only got worse.

Drenched to the bone – I decided to head back home rather then wander at the V&A soaking wet. I have my book signing tomorrow and I didn’t want to be sneezy for it so I spent the rest of the evening laying around bed reading Bossy Pants by Tina Fey and then went to be early so I could be at my best for the book signing at VX tomorrow.

I always get nervous the night before a book signing … what if nobody shows up? 🙁

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