Like sand through an hourglass…

So someone told me today (*cough* Mel *cough*) that my blog is their soap opera. *laugh* I LOVE THAT!!

It’s been nutso around here this weekend and I’ve been scrambling to play catch-up with all my errands and chores.

I went to my 2nd photography class last night and it was fun but a little overwhelming. We talked about apertures and shutter speeds and there is a lot of numbers involved… and I’m not good with numbers. I think I have a bit of a learning disability when it comes to numbers… but I’m trying to remember that the numbers just mean something. That 100 speed film just means slower film then say 800 speed film which is fast.

Stay calm Sarah. They are just numbers… ugh…Thankfully I’m not the only one overwhelmed and our teacher says not to worry because by the end of the course it will all make sense.

These are the two photos I took for my “spring” assignment.
I got a good critique from the teacher and a few “oohs and awws” from my classmates… so that made me feel good.

My next assignment is “lines” which immediately made me think of cocaine. *laugh*

I saw the biggest rat last night as I was waiting in the parking lot for my Dad (I mean Gerry) to come pick me up after school. I thought it was a cat at first… but no it was a GIANT rat. I watched it look for food (or whatever it is rats do) for a few mintues and then kind of got freaked out that there might be more… but thankfully Gerry showed up right as I started to get scared. 🙂

Ok. Off to take the recycling to the recycle place.
When do the daily chores stop? When?

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  1. kinziephoto says:

    That’s a great shot. Mitch is kind of funny the way he fires off those number!!!!

    I thought there were no rats…oh wait- that’s alberta

  2. Mizz Monsta says:

    Yes, numbers in photography can be confusing… Wikipedia has some great examples and explanations to help you remember:

    Practise practise practise… That’s the only the way to make this stuff stick!

  3. Sarah's Blog says:

    Thanks Mizz Monsta!

  4. karen says:

    Your photos are beautiful!

  5. Kelly says:

    I would defiantely give you a couple ooohs and awwwwsss…great pics Sarah

  6. yogis_child says:

    Yay Sarah congrats on taking a photo class!

    It may be overwhelming now, but if you don’t learn it asap it will be such a pain in your arse when you are trying to set your manual settings in the future.

    You’ll get it 🙂


    Pop Quiz:

    Which is a larger aperture?

    F4.0 or F11.4?

  7. Sarah's Blog says:

    With aperture the smaller the number the bigger the hole… so F4.0? 🙂

  8. Carrieâ„¢ says:

    Sarah, the daily chores never stop.
    Is it true there are no rats in Alberta? I live on the shore of Lake Ontario. Well, I lie a little. I’m across the street from the shore of Lake Ontario. I’ve seen rats. Rats really, really give me the creeps. It’s that hairless tail. If there are no rats in Alberta (how can that be? I’m hopefully naive here) then I’m heading west!

  9. Anderson, Cherie says:

    I’d give you an A+ for those photos! Good job. 🙂

  10. amy says:

    That rat story made me think of Adventures in Babysitting! When the girl loses her glasses and thinks the rat is a cat and she’s saying, “here kitty kitty..” aahh- good cheesy 80’s movies. Anyway, I’ve taken 2 intro photography classes (years apart) and am still confused about the settings because I haven’t been actually DOING it, so yeah, that’s the key. Your pictures are very nice, though! 🙂

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