If you’re in Victoria, go down to The Vancouver Island School of Art and check out my friend Joanne’s (from Flight 167) show “A day in the life of Lee Harris”. It’s brilliant. Joanne took a photo of her husband every 10 minutes. It’s crazy…

I am exhausted. This cleanse is killing me… I’m tired. I’ve lost the will to clean or cook. I am sleeping like a zombie. Do zombie’s sleep? Anyway I’m pooped.

I’m also now on Facebook. Jesus. I have a website, a forum, a blog, a myspace, live journal and now a facebook. God help me.

So Fergus looses his shit every time I drive to the grocery store… why? Cause my friend Jodi works at Chez Terri’s pet store in the same complex and I always drop him off to see her while I go get food. She loads him up on treats and then we hang out and then I take my food home. I don’t mind that he gets excited about seeing her… he should.. she’s rad… but the whining. Oi my god the whining. It starts right when I turn left at Fairfield road and doesn’t stop until I park the car in front of the store. That’s about 10+ blocks. It’s horrid. What can I do to make it stop? Anyone??

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  1. katy says:

    ack my dog does that too and sounds exactly the same! only all day infront of the cabinet with the treats! the family has spoiled him so now he ALWAYS wants treats and usually gets it so he’ll just shut up! haha.

    what kind of doggie is fergus?

  2. Nats says:

    OK, Fergus rocks all. Too cute.

  3. Katrina says:

    Oh yes.. for many years, the first sounds to fill my ears in the early morning was the breakfast song, by my cat. NYYAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!! NYAH!!?? NYAAHHHHHHHHHAAAAAA

    Pets- can’t live with them…..how does the rest go?

    I was checking back here for an update on your hypo allergenic diet. I combed through the site a few nights ago and I’m really curious about it now. I’m eager to hear how it progresses for you over the next few weeks. Regards.

  4. Kelly says:

    I just played this for my dog Fergus — and I really should film his reaction and send it to you. Lots of head tilting, then he joined in the singing!

  5. jenny says:

    My dogs cry the entire way to the river, it’s about 7 miles down a stretch of road that we only go down when it’s time for swimming. It’s ridiculous.

    They did, however, become VERY interested in my computer when they heard poor Fergus’ cries on the video!!

  6. Autumn says:

    my dog does that too when i take her to my moms house. incredibly annoying. she’s 100 pounds & does circles from when we’re about 4 miles away until i let her out of the car. dogs!

  7. jodi says:

    I can start feeding him dirt. Or poke him with needles. We could put him in a kennel in the shop for 2 full days. I think any of the above might work.

  8. Celeste says:

    Everyone loves Fergus!

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