If you’re in Victoria, go down to The Vancouver Island School of Art and check out my friend Joanne’s (from Flight 167) show “A day in the life of Lee Harris”. It’s brilliant. Joanne took a photo of her husband every 10 minutes. It’s crazy…

I am exhausted. This cleanse is killing me… I’m tired. I’ve lost the will to clean or cook. I am sleeping like a zombie. Do zombie’s sleep? Anyway I’m pooped.

I’m also now on Facebook. Jesus. I have a website, a forum, a blog, a myspace, live journal and now a facebook. God help me.

So Fergus looses his shit every time I drive to the grocery store… why? Cause my friend Jodi works at Chez Terri’s pet store in the same complex and I always drop him off to see her while I go get food. She loads him up on treats and then we hang out and then I take my food home. I don’t mind that he gets excited about seeing her… he should.. she’s rad… but the whining. Oi my god the whining. It starts right when I turn left at Fairfield road and doesn’t stop until I park the car in front of the store. That’s about 10+ blocks. It’s horrid. What can I do to make it stop? Anyone??

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