With my period looming (why do I always get it when I’m away from home?) and an early wake up call (6am is un-godly – nobody should have to get up that early) … I went down into the lobby of my dumpy hotel and waited for my cab. The lobby was full of dread locked men pushing band equipment around and I did a quick search on The Google and realized that Julian Marley was staying at my hotel.

I arrived at the airport and it was a cluster-f**k. I guess a flight had been canceled so the lobby was chaos and as I tried to go up to the counter to find out about my flight angry passengers were yelling at me for budging in line. I quickly checked my bag and ran to the gate to get away from the angry mob.

Got to LAX and my hotel was INCREDIBLE! My parents had suggested staying at The Elan and I’m so glad I did.

Elan hotel

I love a hotel that pays attention to the little details. Like soft sheets or green/vegan products in the bathroom. I LOVE this hotel. I highly recommend it … free breakfast in the morning (I had oatmeal) and they have free wine/cheese/crackers in the evening. Obviously I skipped the cheese.  🙂 The hotel was right around the corner from Real Food Daily so after a nap I headed there for dinner.

Dinner was YUM! I got the special of the day which was total comfort food … it was perfect.


On the way back to the hotel I decided to pop into The Beverly Center and wander around. I almost bought Gerry a Ferrari Jacket as a joke but then I realized it would be a really expensive joke. *laugh*

After a luxurious sleep I woke up with my period (WHY?) and decided to wander around my neighbourhood (exercise always makes me feel better). I took a cab to Whole Foods to stock up on supplies for my plane trip to Spokane and then meandered slowly back to the hotel.

I walked across the street and poked around the stalls of Farmers Market (avoiding all the dead meat stalls). It’s pretty cool … seems like a nice place to chill out and do a little shopping.
Farmers Market
I was looking in a hat store when I heard a voice I recognized and realized it was Julia Sweeny from SNL. It was nice to see she is rocking the gray hair like me and looking fabulous doing it!  🙂

Then I stumbled into The Grove. Totally not my scene … but I’ve seen it so many times in photographs and in movies I thought a little lookey wouldn’t hurt. I saw Leila Kenzle shopping. She played Fran on Mad About You and I guess is now a therapist.

The Grove

I figured I could sit there all day and celebrity watch but I wanted to take a nap before my event that night so I wandered up W 3rd street towards my hotel and dipped in and out of some boutiques. Wow. Expensive.

After a nap my pal Jenni came and picked up me up for dinner – we went to Nyala Ethiopian restaurant and it was delish.


The event was a COK Benefit co-sponsored by Positive TV and was held at 2Headed Horse gallery. I had a BLAST! Everyone who attended the event was so sweet and enthusiastic and we chatted so much that I started to lose my voice!

Thank you LA for showing me such a good time … I hope I can come back again soon.

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