Well my kitchen is still butt ugly and I haven’t done a single thing to change it. I’ve been too busy hanging wallpaper and painting bathrooms. I’ll get to it eventually but for now I am still trying to figure out where everything goes. I think I’ve moved the microwave to 3 different locations but I think it’s in the right spot now.

Now I’m trying to figure out where the food/glasses/plates go. I seriously can’t figure it out. I’ve moved the cutlery like 10 times. We’ve been eating really simply since we moved in because I have no time for anything elaborate. Lots of beans & rice and steamed veggies.
I did make the tomato peanut soup from LDV the other day. I forgot how YUM that recipe is… perfect for these cold fall days we’ve been having.
And of course my favourite salad in LDV thanks to Auntie Bonnie.

I can’t wait till we gut the kitchen and re-configure it. I need more money. MORE MONEY!! Maybe it’s time to sell my Spice Girl dolls… hmmmm.

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