Found a page out of someone’s journal on the road the other day… It’s really weird. This is my favourite part of the entry which is about this person who went on a trip with a friend (not sure if they are romantic or just buddies). Names have been changed…

“The water is beautifully soft! Sally dropped my camera and broke it and also the film fell out. I got angry at her again. Bought Sally a small steak for dinner and she kept eating it with her hands and I got angry at her again.”

What? I thought it was funny.

Poor Sally. She dropped the camera twice. Lost the hotel key. Went swimming in the fountain in front of the court house and eats steak with her hands. Sally sounds like a nut job to me.

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  1. jumpinglegacy says:

    “Sally” sounds like she might be a child…

  2. boumette says:

    Lucky Sarah! I wish I found random diaries. It’s fun in a weird way to read about people we’ve never met.

  3. Karen says:

    Who wants to be normal? It’s those little quirks like eating steak with your hands that make us unique.

  4. Patricia says:

    Too bad there isn’t some sort of journal page “lost and found” site where people could find their lost entries…

  5. Enny says:

    Scan it and send it to found!

  6. leigh says:

    there seems to be a lot of anger on this trip.

  7. Anonymous says:

    there’s a great website called where people post found things. you should put that up there!

    poor sally. maybe she’s a MONKEY!


    PS sorry I missed you in Van. habibi’s is my favourite restaurant, although I haven’t been since they added meat to the menu (which was only about a month ago).

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