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  1. E.K. Wimmer says:

    I love that you worked in the phrase “doing my thang”, wonderful.

  2. Anonymous says:

    “I was shocked when I went back to my home town in Regina, Saskatchewan (beef country) and found a fantastic japanese restaurant that had actually put a little “carrot” symbol beside all their dishes that were veggie friendly. It was great!!”


    I’m not sure when your last visit to Regina was, but compared to most cities of our size, we’ve actually become quite a nice place for a vegan to live.

    There is The 13th Ave. Coffee House (almost all veg/vegan), The Green Spot (all veg & mostly vegan), many asian restauarants with great veg/vegan options, as well as many more locally owned restaurants, such as The Freehouse and O’Hanlons, with amazing vegan/veg. options.

    We also have several organic grocery stores and a regular farmers market which supply great stuff to stock up the fridge for local vegans.

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