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I got my hair did the other day by Leah at Lab Salon and I think I’m FINALLY past the “awkward curly grow-out” stage and into the “pretty cute” stage.

Leah totally “gets” my thick ethic hair and I can’t tell you how nice it is to totally trust your hairdresser. Plus she’s so excited that my hair is getting long enough for her to style that I can’t disappoint her now by chopping it off … 🙂

After I made that post about bullies the other day I had a revelation. I was tormented in elementary school about my hair. It was thick, wiry, fuzzy and very ethnic looking and I was told it made me look ugly, witch-like and because nobody could figure out my nationality there were various racial slurs thrown at me all at once.

I have had my hair short, long and everywhere in-between but when it’s short – that’s the only time I feel like myself. Probably because when my hair was short nobody heckled me because there was nothing to heckle.

I’ve been growing out my hair since February and every time I would look in the mirror I would hear a voice in my head telling me that my curly hair was ugly. Or that it made me look crazy, witchy or like Bea Arthur (who I love but don’t want her hair).

I realized after I wrote that blog post that I still carry around the voices of my bullies … and that they are undermining my hair!! And STILL f-ing with my self-esteem.

So much like I embraced the gray hair that I have the privilege of growing I have decided to embrace the JEW FRO that my ancestors passed down to me and ROCK IT to the best of my ability. And most importantly all the haters from elementary school (who can suck it) and are now officially CAST OUT from my brain and never allowed back in.  🙂

Anyhoo – after my hair appointment I stopped by the tattoo shop for a kiss from the owner and ended up getting a tattoo! *laugh*

This is a tattoo I’ve wanted for a while and originally our apprentice Chris was going to do it as his 100th tattoo … but it never ended up happening so Ger did it for me instead. Sorry Chris!! 🙂

It turned out so cute … it’s on my forearm btw.

Inside the envelope is a wish … but I’ll never tell you what it is.  🙂

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