Hey Mac-peeps
Is there a way to set up my Mac so I can push a button and minimize all my windows so I can see my desktop??

You know how on a PC you can just push the “desktop” icon?? Anyone??

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  1. VegMomma says:

    On our Mac, if you go into System Preferences, then into Dashboard and Expose, there should be a “Show Desktop” option. On our computer the F10 key does the job… Does that make sense? It’s my interpretation of my computer-literate husband’s response.

  2. tiedyehippie says:

    not sure about a button. but if you go to system preferences and then go into dashboard and expose, you can set it up to where if you move your mouse to a certain corner of your choice, it will go to your desktop.

    Hope that helps some.

  3. sammy_joe says:

    You can push F11, or alternatively if you go into your system preferences, you can program the different cornes of your screen to do different things. For example, if I push my mouse the the very bottom right hand corner, dasboard comes up. Bottom Left starts the screen saver. Top right shows me all the windows I have open at once so I can choose which I want to work on with out minimizing all the others in my way.

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