I'm no prude …

I’m no prude and it takes a lot to shock me but today we had a parent come in and ask about getting his 12 and 13 year old sons tattoo’d. If we’d do it if they signed a consent form, if it would change as they got older and grew, etc etc.


I was dumbfounded by his request. I told him it was a bad idea and that we wouldn’t do it and that he shouldn’t go to any shop that tattoos underage CHILDREN! Then I gave him a long long look of disappointment.

12 and 13 years old? They probably don’t even have pubes yet. I was dumbfounded… and super sad for those kids. 🙁

BTW. Tattoo Zoo policy is you must be 18+ to be tattoo’d in our shop.

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  1. Cathi C. says:

    Hi Sarah, I’m so glad you posted this. My soon to be 13 yr old daughter talks about tatoos and piercings all the time. I keep telling her that when she is of age and on her own, then she may do those things. I think its awesome that someone in the business supports my thinking. Any advice?

  2. sarah says:

    We have a strict 18 + tattoo policy. Not all shops are like that … My only advice is to offer to pay for their first tattoo if they promise not to get any tattoos until they turn 18. 🙂

  3. Gina says:

    Great advice, Sarah! Thats exactly what my parents told me. On my 18th birthday my mom, best friend and I went and all got our first tattoos together.

  4. Cathi C. says:

    Thank you, Sarah. I’m fairly certain the laws here in WA state are 18 + as well. Much appreciated.

  5. nikki s says:

    I was once getting tattooed here in Washington state and a woman came in and asked “do ya’ll tattoo babies?” all the artist just looked at her like she was a nut.

  6. Phebe says:

    I don’t agree with piercing kids either. It weirds me out how people get their babies’ ears pierced. You shouldn’t be able to modify somebody’s body without their permission.

  7. Alisha says:

    Sometimes I’m sad when professionalism has to be a cut above what I really want to say to people like that. One half of me is blown away when people say outrageous things like that and think that *#$! like that is ok. But the other half of me says “I’m totally not surprised” Sad sad world. Thanks for posting this!

  8. Miranda says:

    oh man that is some questionable parenting. i really hope nobody tattoos those kids. i regret tattoos i got at 18 so i can’t imagine what i would have done to myself at 13 lol

  9. Miss Dee Canada says:

    This is pretty disturbing. I mean I hate seeing young boys and girls (age 2-13) having their hair coloured (I was 15 when I first started colouring). To even THINK of getting them a tattoo? Why? Are they trying to make their children “cool”?

    People make poor decisions when they are young (not with tattoos, just in general), I cannot imagine a parent encouraging a child in that way.

  10. Maria Rose says:

    Yikes, so I guess you guys aren’t willing to tattoo our 10 month old? I want to give her a tattoo that says, “I love my Mother.”

    No, seriously he should be turned in to CPS. I wonder if there is anyone who would do such a thing?

  11. Emily says:

    My 16 yr old brother (two years older than me) convinced my mom to let him get a tattoo cuz all his new friends were getting them at his new school. I disagreed with my brothers decision because I go to the same school as him and I know those kids, smokers, alcoholics, etc. My mom finally cracked down and said OK. My brother was an good student, and a good person in till these friends came along. After about two years he died of DUI, in this case getting his tattoo at such a young age was somewhat of a gateway to this tragedy. If only my mom had said no…

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