Why on earth is this Ikea kitchen island $379 in the US and $549 in Canada? Our dollar is almost comparable to the US dollar …? Outrageous! 🙁

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  1. Holly says:

    I KNOW! What is with that?? I bought my Vitamix in May 2010 when the Canadian dollar was ABOVE the U.S. dollar, and it was like $180 more in Canada. I live in Ottawa, so I ordered the Vitamix from the American site and had it shipped to a UPS store across the American border an hour away. Even with the 2 hour round-trip drive, and the tax at the border, I still ended up saving quite a lot of money. But talk about inconvenient!

    I can understand brick-and-mortar stores having to charge a bit more than the U.S. Their rent and other overhead costs don’t go down just because the dollar changes relative to the U.S., and a lot of the products on their shelves were probably purchased before the dollar got so strong. But online? When it’s probably shipped from the same warehouse anyway? That’s dirty. They could charge a BIT more, but $170 more? Ridiculous!

  2. Manda says:

    It’s £199 in the UK = $318.27 (CAD). I got such a shock, price wise, when I first visited Ikea Calgary!
    eBay is virtually none existent here too, with Kijiji being favoured for selling everything (no bidding… first come, first served, wtf?!) so I’m going through cold tofurkey from that too. Makes setting up a new home more expensive than it should be!

    Still, I’d rather be here (just with decent eBay!)

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