I want my 2 dollars!

Today is a horrid day- rain rain rain and the darkest gray sky. Bah. Went thrift store shopping today… first time in AGES. We’re trying to save money to buy our own place, so no extra shopping for me. Except for today. Today is special. Why? Because it’s raining and I wanted to go thrifting. Stop judging me. I only spent $25!!

First thing I found was this crazy-ass clock. Then I found the soundtrack to Better of Dead. Who knew there was a soundtrack?? It’s in killer condition.
If you’ve never seen this movie… do yourself a favour and rent it. It’s a classic and John Cusack (my back up husband) is at his cutie-pie finest in this movie. Then… hold on to your hats. I found the best velvet painting in the world. I think I pooped in my pants a little when I saw it. 🙂I swear to God I didn’t make Fergus pose like in the painting. He just did it… My dog rules!!

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