I love powertools!

Well yesterday was a very full day… we got both walls up, put up drywall and mudded everything, 1-800 Junk came and took away our horrible old desk and all of our garbage (woo hoo). Tonight we’re going to start sanding, that’s my least favourite part.

Gerry did a little tiling on the part of the floor where the stupid little mini-wall was.
Stuart & Gerry did a lot of cutting, hammering and using my favourite tool the BULLET HAMMER or more commonly known as The Remington Power Hammer.

We also hid a $5 bill somewhere in between the new walls. We thought it might be exciting for the person who tears down these walls 50 years from now to find some money and a hello from the past.

Last night we got everything set up for business… it looks a little ragged but we’re ready to work today and Gerry, Stuart and I will keep plugging away during the evenings and should have everything done by the end of the week (I hope).

The painting will probably commence at the end of the week. I can’t wait (she says sarcastically).

I want to thank Stuart and Becca (the hardest working receptionist in the world) for getting down and dirty and helping. Good friends are hard to find when you need to do renovations. *laugh*

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