I love my post office box…

Looking for some new music to listen to while you’re on your computer?? Check out CBC Radio 3. I’m obsessed with it. Maybe you’ll fall in love with a Canadian band you’ve never heard of before… Right now I’m listening to local Victoria hero’s Hot Hot Heat playing an acoustic thingy. It’s amazing.

I LOVE my post office box this week… it was STUFFED full of excellent goodies. First was a little note from Brian who sent me a clipping from Vegetarian Times where readers answered “What’s your favourite vegetarian cookbook and why?”

Well… Valerie Geist in Lancaster, PA wrote “HIAV It has easy-to-follow recipes that aren’t too time-consuming or intimidating. It’s fun and entertaining; it lists tips and animal ingredients to avoid. And the recipes are delicious.” So a big thanks to Valerie Geist and thank you to Brian for sending me the magazine clipping.

By the way lovely readers… That’s your 2nd mission, should you choose to accept it. Magazines and newspapers don’t usually send me clippings when the books are mentioned so if you notice a clipping… rip it out and send it to me: Sarah Kramer P.O. Box 8727 Victoria BC V8W 3S3 You might just get a shout out. *laugh*

My shoes from Matt & Nat arrived as well. Did you know they’re having a 50% of sale on their website??

Oh yes. I forgot to show you my tattoo all colored in… This is a terrible photo. It’s really tough to take a picture of your own calf. Try it for yourself. You’ll see…

Also in my mailbox was a lovely letter from Caroline who sent me 2 of these super cute little pink 100% compostable bags from Unicorn Grocery in the UK. Congrats to Katrina for winning the bag!!

I also wanted to tell you about what I saw in the mall yesterday. It was a GIANT dragon or dinosaur or something. But it was a slide/jumpy inside thing and the kids had to enter the slide by climbing through the mouth. It was sooo funny to watch these kids getting swallowed up.

Lastly… that Peta2 article totally bumped up my friends list. I woke up to 39 pages of new friend requests. Not 39 new friends… 39 NEW PAGES of new friend requests. My Myspace page is turning into a job. *laugh*

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