I had a fretful nights sleep ….

…the night before the festival. I woke up just about every hour on the hour. I don’t know if it was the excitement of the festival or the weirdness of sleeping away from my family. It’s been about 7 months since the last time I was away from home for work and I miss my furry boys.

Thankfully the festival didn’t start till 11am so I slept in as late as I possible … threw on my eyelashes and joined everyone about 30 minutes late. I couldn’t believe how many people had already arrived to the festival by 11:30am. This room was packed by the end of the day. It was amazing.
Josh from Herbivore Clothing was across from me so we made faces at each other all day.
I was so busy that I was only able to do 1 quick circuit around the room to check out all the vendors. I wish I had had more time because there was so many amazing tables to visit and I didn’t get a chance to look at everything.
Tattered Cover Book Store had a table set up for me where I spent most of my day meeting and greeting and signing books.
My demo was at the end of the day and I was the last scheduled speaker on the roster, so I was worried that everyone would be tired by then and not show up. Boy was I wrong. Rather then do a cooking demo, we played Canada’s Next Top Vegan and had a lot of fun. I had someone shoot the game show with my camera so I’ll try and get it up on youtube in the next week or so.

Look at all those shiny happy people who came to see me! I love Denver!! Meeting and greeting with everyone before and after the demo was the highlight of my trip. I can’t tell you guys how thrilling it is to meet readers who enjoy the books. I spend so much time ALONE in my kitchen writing, testing, re-testing … so when I get to go out into the world and hear from you how the books have affected/helped/changed your lives, it’s unbelievably fulfilling. So thank you to each and every one of you who came up and told me your story, shared a hug or just said hi. You made my weekend!!

Dress by Stop Staring Clothing Earrings and necklace by Brookadelphia

Veg fair was over … and we were pooped and SOOOO HUNGRY so we hit the streets to go to Watercourse Restaurant for some food.

And boy did we ever eat…

I was so full that I didn’t have any dessert but that didn’t stop my guests… 🙂
Cookie Dough Milkshake anyone??
Got back to my rock star room and hit the sheets and slept like a log. Tomorrow I get to hang out with a BUMBLEBEE!! Stay tuned…

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  1. Anonymous says:

    It all looks sooooo AWESOME!!!!!

  2. HeatherAnn Fragglehead says:

    I hope you’ll do VegFest again next year. I was bummed that I couldn’t make it last weekend with so many amazing vendors and speakers.

    Watercourse rocks my socks in a big way.

  3. Marni says:

    Watercourse is awesome! I went there last time I was in Denver and was amazed. I wish we had something like it here in San Diego, CA.

    All your food porn pics look delish!

  4. Laura says:

    The last picture looks like a young Stephen Fry!

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