I Gotz Shin Splits Ya'll

Ahhh Seattle. Damn you and your hills… my shins are killing me. I am using muscles I didn’t even know I had. Had a GREAT nights sleep. Don’t know why… but I slept like a log, despite someone in the other room snoring like a bear, maybe it lulled me to sleep.

Woke Gerry up this morning (That never happens…he’s usually up first) and we got ready for our day. We headed back down to The Globe for Biscuits N Gravy.

You know The Globe has good food when breakfast is free at the B&B and we said no free scrambled tofu. Free food… we said no. No. NO! We must go to The Globe. My biscuits had grilled tofu… Gerry went for the straight up biscuits and gravy. We ate there at 10:30 and it’s now 2:45 and I’m still full. Yum. Then we hit The Madison Market again and loaded Gerry up with Faux Turkey sandwiches and Mighty O Donuts so he could make the trek back to Canada without me. The Madison has posters up…. it’s weird seeing myself all over the store. *laugh*Then I said a sad good by to Gerry. It’s so weird staying here and watching him drive away…. I’m was so sad to say good-bye. It’s not like I’ll be gone long, I’m flying home tomorrow. *laugh*

So I walked up and down Pike St and Pine St and did some shopping. Went to Value Village and a few other 2nd hand stores and then I found The Black Chandelier and bought a cute litte top that I might wear tomorrow (stay tuned for photos). The store was so damn cute, I just had to take a photo.

I also found Bluebottle Art Gallery and spent over and hour looking at everything and finally bought some great art to hang in the Tattoo Shop. They were very helpful when both my credit card and my debit cards wouldn’t work. WTF America? Don’t you want me to spend my money here?? They let me pay via Paypal… so yay. Now I get to bring some art home. I’ll post photos of it when I get back. I want it to be a surprise for Gerry. Shhhhhhh.

I also popped into Super Genius Tattoo Shop to say hello to Jerad who I had met a few nights before. Nice fella. Nice shop.

So I’m going ot tak e a little nap now. I’m meeting Greg and Cynthia for dinner later tonight. I wonder where we’ll go…

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  1. baldman says:

    Hi Sarah
    Talked to Gerry and he said he had a good time. Read your blog and it looks like you guys had a great time in Seattle. I am thinking your right Gerrys going to get fat from those do-nuts.Had a great visit with Fergus to bad he had to go home. Maybe he will come again sooooooon.

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