I got it!

You guys sent in some great New Years Resolution suggestions … and some really weird ones like “Discover the abstruse galaxy of the Majestic Royal Fawns.” That one made me laugh out loud. Thanks Marie. Ok. Here’s my new years resolutions for 2010:

  1. This resolution came to me yesterday after I blogged about resolutions and I’m making it #1 because it scares me the most. Complete my story The Funhouse. It’s a fiction novel I’ve been working on for 8+ years and I resolve to no longer dabble in writing it but will work/finish/publish it.
  2. Thanks to Holly (our first winner) I will take up a new hobby that doesn’t have to do with work. I’m thinking boxing or perhaps dance classes w/Gerry.  🙂
  3. Also thanks to Holly I will put away $2 per-day and at the end of the year, treat myself to something special.
  4. Thanks to Noemie (our second winner) I pledge to meditate at least few minutes every day.
  5. Thanks to Andrea (our third and final winner) I pledge to do more travel for enjoyment not just work.

Thanks to everyone for their great suggestions. Wahooo! 2010!  🙂

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