I go to work…

I worked yesterday.
I always think there’s nothing really to blog about regarding work because it’s kinda boring sitting at the front helping customers.

But then I remembered about the 6 foot 9 guy who came in yesterday with blue dreadlocks, velvet pants, blue painted dots all over his face and no shoes… who walked in and just stared and me and Gerry as we sat at the front desk.

Gerry very politely said “ummm. We kind of don’t like it when people come in without shoes.”

The dude slowly walked to the door… then turned around and stared at us like we had just blown his mind. I think he didn’t realize he didn’t have shoes on or something… it was very bizarre. We all laughed about blue haired man for hours after that.

I also met a really sweet girl who came in just to say hi to me and tell me she liked the books. I shook her hand and tried to talk to her a little… but she ran out of the shop like a cute little mouse. I think she was nervous to meet me or something. *tee hee*

Or how about the guy who came in to ask me if tattoos hurt (duh) and to tell me that tattoos are FOREVER and did I know that? (double duh)

Today Gerry let me take the day off so I could take photos of Bettina for her website. It’s gonna be fun… and I’ll try and post a few when I get home tonght.

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