Hummus is the new terrorist…

Security at Boston Airport is a f-n gong show – so much yelling and organized chaos. It was ridiculous. Get this… they wouldn’t let me take an un-opened container of hummus through because it wasn’t a solid. What? Is all that garlic is going to make the plane explode?

I explained to the man in charge that I was a strict vegetarian for *cough* religious reasons and that it was impossible for me to find foods in the airport that I could eat but the knucklehead wouldn’t budge. I almost asked him if he was profiling my Middle Eastern lunch based on it’s ethnicity but didn’t feel like having an anal probe today.

Luckily I actually found some pre-packed food in the airport that was vegan. It was even labeled as VEGAN so that was cool to see.

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  1. Ariane says:

    yeah. the two worst times i’ve had with airport security were yogurt with blueberries (yeah, yeah, it’s more liquidy), *and* (on a separate occasion) get this: tabouli. i had a thermos with warm tabouli in it, and they gave me the hardest time about it cause the dumb woman didn’t know what it was. until one of her coworkers stepped in and was like, yeah, it’s tabouli, she wouldn’t let me through.

    also, you mentioned regina’s security being terrible, i swear it gets worse the smaller the city. vancouver’s usually fine, saskatoon is tough though, but kelowna… OMG. intense.

  2. nicole says:

    If you ever go through the Minneapolis / St. Paul airport, there are TWO French Meadow Bakeries in differing concourses. Not only do they have vegan main dishes, but they also have some obscenely decadent vegan desserts. All are labeled as such.

  3. Maria Rose says:

    Wow, vegan choices at an airport! Usually I am starving by the end of a trip if I forget to pack some snacks.

  4. Heather K. says:

    Ah, airport security: fun. My favorite was the time my parents’ unopened jar of organic peanut butter was confiscated at the Atlanta airport. Apparently it counted as a liquid, albeit a crunchy one. (The parents still get quite livid about that, and it’s been probably a year now.)

    I have been told that the regulations are there for a reason, but the enforcement gets rather silly. Unless the entire planeful of passengers were allergic to nuts, I am unclear on how the pb could have presented a danger. ???

  5. leftofemma says:

    Last time I went on a trip, I was stuck at the Dallas airport (DFW)on my way home with the choices of fruit salad and Subway. Yuch. Super-lame. I was coming from Peru where the choices weren’t super-hot either.

  6. jenny says:

    I had to ditch my hummus and my peanut butter on my last flight 🙁

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