How was your holiday?

Mine was mmmmeeeeellllooowwww. As most of you know – Gerry and I don’t celebrate the holidays. We opted out … gosh … maybe 12 years ago? Unfortunately the rest of the world hasn’t opted out yet so I spend the weeks before the holidays dodging the collective stress of the general public. I did pretty good this year – avoided the mall, grocery shopping at night, only going to the post office when it was absolutly necessary.

The snow really helped keep things mellow.
Victoria pretty much became a ghost town because of the snow. We have no infrastructure to deal with large amounts of snow … so while it was a drag that I couldn’t drive anywhere and poor Fergus couldn’t get the kind of exercise I like to give him, it made the whole town quiet over the holidays. It was kind of lovely.

I spent some time baking. I veganized Gerry’s Mum’s shortbread recipe (will share soon).
I haven’t been doing much baking lately and it was happy to see me.
Gerry was happy to have some cookies …
Did some more work on the office. Prepared and painted the wall. Painted the trim. Now I’m patiently waiting for my Ikea delivery to arrive. It was delayed due to weather. Bah.

On X-mas Day Gerry, Fergus and I met up with our friends Stu and Sly and walked down to Cook St Villiage for coffee. The sun was shining and there were lots of smily people hanging out at the coffee shop. Gerry and I dropped the dog off at home and went out to see The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. It was really good. The theater was packed and we almost didn’t get seats together.

It was a nice mellow holiday. How did you spend your holidays?

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