How can you @#$% up an avacado roll?

You see some interesting people at train stations…

I have to say that the Herbivore Tote makes an excellent travel bag. Perfect for lunch or stuff you buy when you’re out and about… it’s not to big (like a grocery bag) but not too small either. It’s perfect. And it’s black and pink… my fav color combo. Get yourself one today and you’ll be glad that you did.

So my hotel room looks nice… but wait until I show you the view. It made me laugh out loud… You’ll have to wait until tomorrow. It’s too dark to take a photo.

Found a japanese place around the corner from my hotel.
Had some bland gyoza.

And some over cooked edemame.

And the most flavourless avacado rolls of my life. I think they didn’t put anything in the sushi rice. It had noooo flava. WTF?

I’m going to have a hot bath with Steve Martin and call it a night.

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  1. Mary Jessica says:

    Sarah, thanks so much for giving us a sneaky peek into your adventerous travel life!

    I’m a big fan of your cookbooks and relish the thought of you visiting down South…probably never will happen, I know, as we’re just too dang far away, but rest assured that southern cooking done vegan will do you right! Have a lovely rest-of-the-tour…xoxo MJ (in Georgia)

  2. Sarah's Blog says:

    Hey Mary Jessica
    I’m thrilled to hear you are enjoying the cookbooks. I’d love to come down south one day… I hear you guys grow some good peaches. 🙂

  3. Deb says:

    I just wanted to say that I love how often you update your travel journal. There’s something new every morning when I check!

    Also, I have been cooking from LDV constantly for the last week and we LOVE your recipes! The Brainless Banana Pancakes from HIAV are a weekly staple in our house, but we have found so many more in LDV that we enjoy. Last night for dinner I made the lentil & rice casserole (can’t remember exact title, but it’s red lentils, brown rice, oregano, basil, etc.). so yummy, but I think next time I’ll add some garlic, too. Breakfast this morning was the breakfast rice pudding–I like rice pudding cold, but there’s never enough left of this to chill! Oh! And your seitan! I always thought seitan was difficult to make, but it’s not. So! Tasty!

    Okay, sorry that I’ve written a book right here in your comments, but I just had to write you a little mash note.

  4. Sarah's Blog says:

    Hey Deb
    Glad you’re enjoying it!! 🙂

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