How do you teach or encourage someone to take pride in the work they do?

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  1. Moochiecat says:

    Wow..that’s a tough one that’ll take time. I have a low self esteem story I can share…maybe it’ll help.
    My niece and I had a talk one time about how she shot down anyone that gave her a compliment because she always thought they lying…super low self-esteem, it was so sad.
    I told her that regardless of whether she believed them or not, she had to learn to respect that other people thought these good things of her(even though she didn’t think them of herself). A simple ‘Thankyou’ was all she needed to give.
    It took a long time, but she eventually started to listen to what people were saying and began really accepting that she was worthy of the compliments.

    Hard to know if that is helpful in anyway, but there ya go.

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