House Arrest

So I’m under House Arrest waiting for the Sears guy to come fix our broken dishwasher… They gave me a vague time for him to arrive so now I’m stuck in the house waiting for him.

I was planning on taking this time to do something constructive like go through my pantry and re-organize but instead I’m searching youtube for clips of my Dad. That’s right … my Dad! He’s an actor and has been on many many shows… check out his resume.

Ford Commercial – he’s in the blue leisure suit.  🙂

“My Name Is Sarah” with Jennifer Beals – he’s the Elvis impersonator 🙂

“Little Man” – he plays the doctor

My Dad has even acted with SPOCK! Yes that’s right… Leonard Nimoy and my Dad were in the same room! I am 1 degree away from SPOCK!! – He plays the judge

I’m so proud of my Dad. 🙂

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  1. Holly says:

    That is so cool! My cousin is studying to be an actor in Toronto right now. He’s 18, and he landed a small role in the movie Kick-Ass!

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