Horse Drawn Carriages Have Got To GO!!!

I was walking through the neighbourhood and a horse-drawn carriage rode by. Everyone in the back of the carriage waved at me with big smiles and said hi.

I smiled back and said “You do realize that this horse is a slave. He’s your slave that you bought and paid for.

The dude driving the carriage said “The horse actually likes to do this…

I said “No he doesn’t. Horses don’t like walking through busy downtown streets surrounded by traffic pulling 5 people with his nose near a car tailpipe. Get real. These horses deserve to be in a field frolicking around but instead you have paid a wage and this horse is now your slave. SHAME ON YOU!

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He likes pulling a carriage.

I looked at the passengers in the back and said “Did you know that there is an accident with a carriage horse at least once a month? Did you know that 2 years ago a horse was spooked in China Town and the driver fell off and the passenger in the back fell out and broke her arm. Do you realize that the horse was terrified?

He got clipped by a car.” The carriage driver said.

Yes. Exactly. And that’s why these horses don’t belong in downtown traffic. Shame on you for doing this job. Shame on you 4 in the back for paying for slavery. Shame on you.”

I really wish that the City of Victoria would realize that having Horse-Drawn Carriages in downtown is a black spot on our tourism. I hope the new mayor Lisa Helps will end the slavery and close down the horse-drawn carriages. They are not cute, or romantic. Please give these horses the freedom they deserve.

I encourage all of you to write a letter to the mayor: We are a tourist city and ALL voices (both local and from around the world) matter to our city.

The exploitation of animals will not stop unless we speak up – we are the voice for the animals.

Hey Hey. Ho Ho. The Horse Drawn Carriage has GOT TO GO!

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4 Responses to Horse Drawn Carriages Have Got To GO!!!

  1. Lisa King says:

    Bravo Sarah!

  2. Patrick says:

    You know, before I checked in on your page, I had just seen a listing for horse drawn carriages in Austin, TX and it didn’t occur to me until I read your blog post that this was a bad thing. *facepalm! It’s amazing how deeply speciesism is ingrained into us! Going vegan really is a process and not a finished state. You are making a difference.

    • Sarah says:

      You’re right about it being a process … I discover new things about veganism every day. It’s a journey – not a race. 🙂

  3. Kelly Nicola says:

    Yes! When will people realise how dangerous it is for these unprotected, easily-spooked animals to be on the same streets as cars and trucks? It’s ridiculous! Just because we have enslaved horses to do our hard work for us for centuries, doesn’t mean it’s ok. I love how you called it Slavery. Thank you!

    Right now in NYC they are trying to ban horse-drawn carriages, when will we ban them from our otherwise beautiful capital of Victoria? It’s shameful!

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