Home home home…

Man. Was I ever glad to be up in the air and headed home…

Our flight wasn’t on time… so they had to reschedule our connecting flight in Chicago but as a peace offering the ticket woman didn’t charge us for our heavy bag (filled with Gerry’s books). We were 40lbs over weight. tee hee.

The plane was so skinny.
Gerry and I had fun, despite the fact that he was fighting a cold.
Chicago airport was pretty cool…
They had these bizarre toilets with plastic wrap. You waved your hand in front of it and the plastic wrap would rotate and give you a fresh seat.
We ate all our Indian Leftovers in Chicago waiting for our connection and we couldn’t find much to eat in the airport. We did manage to get a couple of Veggie Platters to take on the plane … but luckily United had a Smart Pack that we could buy.
It was almost vegan… threw out the cheese… but everything else was ok. Sunflower seed butter, crackers (they had honey… so sadly I now have to turn back my vegan-o-meter back to zero). Granola, jam, peach applesauce. It was excellent.
Landed in Seattle… but we weren’t home yet. Ugh.
Headed to my cousins house where they made us a yummyliscious meal.

We were so bagged from our long long day that we hit the hay at about 9pm and didn’t wake up again until 6am the next morning. That’s the one good thing about coming back to the west coast from a trip out east. 6am feels like 9am…. so I felt like I slept in. *laugh*

We hit The Clipper at 8am and by 11am we were home. HOME!! HOME!!!

Little Fergus was quite excited to see us. We dropped our bags, tore off our shoes and all three of us crawled into bed for a nap.Good night nurse.

What a fun trip. Thank you everyone who came to see me for making our visit so fun and exciting. Especially to Norma and her daughter Lisa for hooking us up at The Sheraton in NY. The Moo Shoes Girls for being lovely and wonderful. And Tina & everyone at Syracuse University for being such lovely hosts. I am a lucky girl to have such wonderful people in my life.

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  1. KleoPatra says:

    Nice that you had an excellent time… Fergus must’ve been flippin’ to see you both!!

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