On April Fools day the World Vegetarian and Vegan News blog posted an article about the Royal Wedding stating that the menu for the Royal Wedding between Kate and William on April 29 will be entirely vegan, “following the Queen of England’s review of the multi-cultural / celebrity guest list and the role that meat and dairy play in the increased risks to health and the environment,” and that “Canadian author Sarah Kramer” was being brought over from the colony to advise wedding chefs on ingredients to be used in the Royal Vegan Wedding Cake.”

The fake announcement has caused quite a kerfuffle and my inbox has been filled with congratulations from friends and readers from around the world. Plus the faux article has been picked up by various vegan blogs (who didn’t bother to contact me to confirm) and even mainstream media got involved; and a prominent Vancouver newspaper contacted me for an interview before realizing that the joke was on them.  🙂

One part of the article is true, however: I will be making an appearance in London UK at VX Store on May 27th (details HERE) and I will also be attending the UK Veg Fest in Bristol but just as a civilian.

Whoever did this blog-post should win a “best April fools joke EVER” award.

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2 Responses to Hilarious!!

  1. Holly says:

    Why would the bloggers think to contact you to confirm before mentioning it on their blogs? They read the info on a reputable website. And people don’t usually confirm appearance dates with celebrities. Did you email the Go-Gos to confirm their date in NY before mentioning it on your blog? 😉

    • Sarah says:

      I got my GG’s info directly from the GG’s website. There is NO mention of me baking for the Queen on my website…

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