Hi… I'm Bloaty Mc.Bloaterson

My stomach is huge and I’m exhausted. All this food I have to eat before I can do my allergy blood test is killing me.

I’ve eaten a large majority of the items on the list but have been avoiding the ones that I know are going to kill me. I had white rice tonight. YUCKERS! I had some pineapple yesterday and immediately had to go lay down for a power-nap. I bet pineapple is high up on the list. I’ve been avoiding other items I react to like lemon and orange until I have nothing to do that day.

We’re starting renovations on the tattoo shop tonight and I can work around a gigantic uncomfortable bloated belly but I need energy to build walls.

The renos are minor, but I do have to pull out my bucket of red paint and paint 2 more walls once we’re done…. and I said I’d never paint red walls again…Never say never. *laugh*

I’ll post some photos of the demo later. 🙂
I’m off to wield my hammer!

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