Hi hi hi

How are you?
First off… someone sent a LARGE file to sarah@govegan.net and it ****ed up my inbox so I had to delete my entire inbox and start again. If it was you… don’t send me large ass files. 🙂 And by the way. I have no idea what you sent because I had to delete the file because my inbox was ****ed up. Don’t re-send it. Just e-mail me and “use your words” to describe what it was you were sending me. 🙂

It’s wet here. SO WET! Winter is officially here and it is WET! All the blinds are open and every single light is on and it still feels dark in here. Fergus won’t get out of bed and the wind last night was so crazy it woke me up. I thought for sure a window was going to smash. Yikes. LOOK at how gloomy it is.

Whoops. I lied.
As I was writing this post, the sun popped out and Fergus and I ran to the park to get some exercise. I could see another rain cloud looming so we managed to get about 40 minutes of sunshine before it started pouring again. Ugh. The rain is killing me!!

Gerry and I watched a fantastic movie the other night called Souvenir of Canada and it is loosely based on Douglas Coupland’s Canada books. Not only is it a fun look at what makes Canada Canadian but it also is a little peek into Douglas Coupland’s amazing brain. He is my hero!!

I highly recommend renting/buying this dvd. Run. Now! Before it starts raining again.

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  1. kinziephoto says:

    I’m glad you’re feeling better! I was just eating carrots and thinking of you – heh – not sure why those two things happened at once!

    I should take pics when I make things from your cookbook – I always forget! Mind you – they’re always GONE shortly after they’re finished heh

  2. Wiebke says:

    i love douglas coupland. fell in love with him 10 years ago when reading microserfs.
    but i didn’t even know about souvenir of canada…!!! thanks for posting this. will run, now! even though there’s no rain or cold in nyc yet…

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