FOA is demonstrating the horse drawn carriages on Sat. See below for details:

Hey everyone – this Saturday is a day of action against horse-drawn carriages, with demos happening in a number of cities around the world, and I’m hoping to round up a few people to make that happen here!

It would be at 3pm this Saturday (Dec 6th), and we’ll be meeting down on Belleview (at Menzies) across from where the carriages are parked and loaded.

Please let me know if you can make it, and I’ll be sure to bring enough signs for everyone, let’s show these guys (and the world!) that Victorian’s want to see a better life for these horses!!

This is a peaceful demonstration, we don’t chant or yell, etc.. The focus is on education and awareness, encouraging people to respect other animals (which includes humans!)

We’ve got leaflets that we give out to interested people, and a petition for signatures.
Please be sure to let me know if you can make it out for this, thank you!
– Dave dave@friendsofanimals.org

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