Hey Kamloops!

Terrible news! My friend Gareth of Perogy Cat fame had his stuff stolen from his car … but not just stuff … the worst of it is they took his journal.

See below for details and if any of you can help let me know or join the Help Gareth Find His Stuff Facebook Page.

Gareth and Bronwyn’s sister went to a park to look for her lost dog leash, Gareth thought they would just be a minute and left his bag under his coat on the seat. When they came back 20 minutes later the window was smashed and the bag was gone. Car keys, cel phone, camera, his favorite hat, and worst of all, his journal with EVERYTHING in it was taken. Months and months of rude joke and comic ideas, things we did, and all his important info like money ins and out where in the book. He was pretty upset about that and says he hates Kamloops and never wants to come back.

For those of you who don’t know, Gareth Kyle Gaudin is a cartoonist. His book “The Magic Teeth Dailies” is an art project that he started a couple of years ago. Gareth vowed to draw “a page a day for the rest of his life.” The book consists of cartoons about Gareth’s day to day experiences, and the adventures of the Perogy Cat, as well as Gareth’s humorous observations of the world. The stolen journal contains 6 months worth of Gareth’s notes and cartoon ideas. That is equal to 2 issues of “The Magic Teeth Dailies.”

I’m starting this facebook group as a bit of an experiment to see if peoples friends lists can be used to track down the stolen items.

It’s a long shot, but…
If you know people in Kamloops BC, get them to keep an eye out for Gareth’s journal.

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