HEY America!

Are you registered to vote yet? Because if you’re not – it’s as easy as filling THIS form out. Seriously. Do it. I’m counting on you to make a change.

Don’t know where to vote in your area? It’s as easy as clicking HERE.

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3 Responses to HEY America!

  1. Staci says:

    It’s actually too late to register in almost every state. There are a few that allow in-person registration up to 15 days before the election and a couple that allow it all the way until election day itself. But most have a 30-day deadline. I hope people haven’t put it off this long!

  2. nicole says:

    Registration in the U.S. differs state to state. In some places it may be too late to register. In others, you can register at the polling place on election day.

    Just to clarify!

    But yeah, go vote Americans! We can help move the country in a more positive direction!

  3. Happie Kamper says:

    I have already voted!

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