He's ALIVE!!


I just got back from walking the dog and Gerry said to me “I have a feeling we’ll see Mad Cat tonight.”

Wait. Let’s start over … I haven’t seen Mad Cat in months. Not since it started to be cold and wet out … I was worried he got hit by a car (he lives on a very busy street) but Gerry told me not to worry, that Mad Cat is a street-smart cat and that he’d gone underground to stay dry.

All these months whenever I walk/drive by the dilapidated house I always am on the look out for Mad Cat but to no avail. Flash forward to today and the weather here has been BEAUTIFUL! It’s been so lovely that we even had the doors at the Tattoo Shop open yesterday it was so warm … Sorry to brag (No I’m not 🙂

Anyhoo as Gerry and I were walking he said that tonight felt like a Mad Cat night because it’s so warm out AND GUESS WHAT? It was! He was sitting on a pile of rubble in the front yard. I called his name and did a little “kitty kitty” and he came RUNNING OVER to see me. Oh the joy.

OH MAD CAT! How I’ve missed you.
I guess that means I have to start walking with kitty treats in my pocket again.  🙂

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  1. Are they vegan kitty treats? I’m a dog person; are there vegan doggie treats out there?

    • sarah says:

      My friend works at a pet store and they had a bag of cat food that had been accidentally ripped opened and she was going to have to throw it out – so I took it home and am using it for Mad Cat. 🙂

  2. PS. I love the short hair and think you should keep it.

  3. baldman 2 says:

    Sarah you are just a big soffty at heart.

  4. Sandra says:

    YAY! 🙂
    We have a woman here in town who keeps cat and dog food in her truck to feed to any critters that need it. There are a couple people here that don’t look after their cats or dogs proper, but Brenda makes sure they get food. She has a couple other’s who help her.

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