I went and saw Henry Rollins spoken tour last night… holy crap. I laughed non-stop for 3+ hours. It was a really great show and if you get a chance to get tickets to see good ol’Hank you should.

It was in the same theater as The Monologues and it was weird being in the seats rather than on the stage. I even got a little weepy about the play… I miss it.

Thank goodness I have my cunt pillow to come home too … even though someone has taken it as his own. So yesterday was “recipe tweaking day” for the new cookbook. I worked on Go-Go Gadget Green Soup …
And Pita Potato Pizza…
And the dishes… my GOD the dishes. Every time I do another book I complain about the dishes but there are so many…. SO MANY! I need a slave boy… I wonder what Rollins is doing after the tour. We could talk about what Gray Hair shampoo works the best and then he could make me work on my fitness.

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  1. Judy says:

    The best gray hair shampoo is AG Silver. Keeps you nice and, well silver, and it’s Canadian too.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Can hardly wait for the next book, the soup and pizza look delish!

  3. Sarah says:

    Henry’s mu guru.
    He’s great!

  4. Crys T says:

    I once saw Henry Rollins’ penis.

    It was in the Black Flag days when he was still skinny and had long hair, and he always wore these little black shorts to perform in.

    My friend & I were at the front of the stage and, just as a joke for me, she pretended to try to look up Henry’s shorts. The next thing we knew, he was saying, “Is this what you want?” and flashing us all.

    The best part was the faces of all the hardcore boys who had no idea what had prompted the display.

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