Help… I need somebody…

Dunno if anyone caught Sir Paul on Larry King last night talking about the Seal Hunt up here in Canada… but if you could take 2 secs to write to our Prime Minister and simply say “Stop the seal hunt” and state your name and where you’re from… that would be great.

In other news… I’m in the news.

In other news… I was ON the news last night talking about The Oscars. I recorded my clips with my digitial camera *laugh* so the video sucks… but if you look carefully you can see my reflection in the tv. I’m nude… 🙂

Here’s a clip of me talking about the weight of the Oscar.

Here’s a clip of me talking about the fact that every single movie up for an Oscar this year has a Canadian connection.

Now let’s discuss the fact that I am a giant camera whore dork… 🙂

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