Had a dream I was the Hedwig on Broadway understudy… I had to go onstage with no rehearsal and no script. Everyone said “Don’t worry – haven’t you seen the show before?” ACK! 

I tried to download the script from the internet but my fingers wouldn’t work. Tried to watch YouTube but everything sounded like gibberish. So I got into costume, walked out onstage and looked out into the audience hoping that the words would come to me. 

Instead I fell to the ground and pretended to have a seizure. Curtain closed and I woke up. #theshowmustgoon #stressdream #breathefeellove

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  1. David Miller says:

    It’s the classic “Actor’s Nightmare”! (There are many variants: you rehearsed for the wrong play; the play is in a foreign language that you forgot to learn; you’re at the wrong theatre; you can’t find the right theatre; etc.)

    Your heritage is showing.

    Lotsa love,
    ~ David

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