Heart Shaped Spoons …

I am SO excited to show you these heart measuring spoons I just got in stock!! These heavy guage metal handcrafted heart shaped measuring spoons by the Beehive Kitchenware Co. make my jaded heart sing with joy!!

They are so adorable that I even had them tattoo’d on my arm so now I’ll never forget how many tsp are in a tbsp.  🙂

And check out the Coffee Spoon I also have in stock.

Nothing says “I love you – after you’ve had a few cups of coffee…” like a heart shaped coffee spoon. 🙂

Purchase them HERE.

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4 Responses to Heart Shaped Spoons …

  1. V Morrison says:

    Dexter, thank you for sending me some mail. I was so excited to see the return address when hubby handed me the envelope that I yelled “This is from a DOG!” 🙂

  2. leslie says:

    Those are so pretty- my mom gives me special measuring spoons with hearts, cats, etc. on holidays. I will have to put that adorable coffee spoon on my wishlist!

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