Hawaii – Day 6

It was our last full day in Hawaii and we decided to keep the day simple. We met The Rents in the lobby early in the morning and drove a few miles up the road from our hotel to Kapalua Bay. My parents wanted to play in the ocean (they hadn’t done that yet) and Gerry and I wanted to do more snorkeling and we heard that Kapalua was the place to go.  🙂

It was a beautiful little cove and the water was calm and crystal clear. Gerry and I RAN out into the ocean to look for fish … and the ocean did not disappoint! We probably saw over 25 different kinds. I won’t name them all here but my favourites were: Spiny Puffers, Spotted Puffers, Spotted Trunkfish, Blue Stripe Snapper, Yellow Trumpfish, Yellowfit Goatfish and LOTS of Moorish Idol. It was nuts.

I was swimming around singing underwater to the fish “I’m Sarah and I’m vegan. How are you?” Is it weird that I sing underwater?

Gerry and I were out there for quite a while and I didn’t want to stop – but I started to worry about burning my back because I have the skin of a red-head (thanks Mom) – so we headed back to the beach and hung out with my parents in the shade. It was SUCH a beautiful day and one of my favourites out of the entire visit. Just chilling with the people I love in Hawaii. I could not have been happier.

Went back to the hotel. Had a nap (all that snorkeling is exhausting) and then got ready to take my parents out for their joint-birthday dinner at Mala.

They didn’t have a lot for vegans on the menu but what they did have was excellent. Gerry and I shared the Mediterranean plate and it would have been enough for a meal … I almost wish I hadn’t ordered a main course. *laugh* So stuffed!

At Mala I also had the best drink called a michelada. It’s my new favourite way to drink beer: A salted glass with a blonde beer poured over crushed ice with lime, hot sauce and Worcestershire sauce. I obviously had them omit the Worcestershire. Oh gosh it was yum.

It was a lovely night. Especially lovely to be sharing a birthday meal with my parents. I don’t want to sound too mushy but my parents and I have not had an easy journey and I really put them through some hard times. So to be here now as a 41 year old woman just enjoying the company of my parents without any ghosts from the past ruining our meal, it was really wonderful.

Just 4 adults having a good time. : )
Day 6 was the perfect day. I’m so sad to leave!!!

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