Hawaii – Day 4

VOLCANO DAY! We hopped in the car early in the AM and hit the road for the loooong drive up to Haleakala volcano and it was worth all the car time. It was breathtaking (literally) and was also a little spooky. Other-Wordly is a good way to describe it…

Pergoy Cat enjoyed all the different terrain…

I like to think I’m in pretty good shape but when you’re at 10, 000+ feet there is almost nothing to breathe… I got dizzy a few times but luckily I had P.C. to keep me steady.

Despite dizzy spells and weak limbs we made it to the top!

After the volcano we went to Maui Taco for lunch and it was super yum!

I mean … it was no Hernandez (I am so spoiled) but for a chain restaurant everything was really fresh/homemade tasting and there was lots for vegans to choose from.

After lunch we hit up a “craft fair” on the way home … but it was super disappointing. No real crafts – just cheap sunglasses and hammocks for sale. This was the only dude who was crafting anything. I was so worried he was going to chisel his legs. Yikes.

His work was really cool …

Got home. Had a nap. Did some laundry. Made dinner and then cuddled on the lanai drinking Coconut Porters with my Valentines Sweetie and watched the sunset.


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  1. Tammi says:

    Wow, you’re really making me miss Maui. We had to postpone and are heading out for Earth Day. Thanks for the Maui Taco suggestion. Never saw it on previous trips.

  2. John McDevitt says:

    Ooh! I wanna do volcano day!!!

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