Hawaii – Day 2

Day 2 was not my favourite day … we met my parents in morning and drove to Lahaina to wander around a little … this is when I realized that our little section of resort hotels were WAY THE F far from everything we wanted to do on the rest of the island.

Where we were located in Kaanapali was a 40 minutes or more drive to anything interesting and there’s only one highway … so if the traffic is bad … there’s no other roads you can take.

We hit the Whalers Village and wandered around. It was a typical mall. Meh. Not much to see and nothing that interested me. My Dad bought some new sunglasses and Gerry and I looked for a pair of Vans for him to wear.

It is really difficult to find shoes in Maui. Flip-Flops and sandals seem to be all the rage. I wonder why …  🙂

Then we drove to Kihei to look for lunch. My parents wanted to try a restaurant they had read about but it wasn’t vegan friendly so Gerry and I were going to go to Maui Taco for a burrito and then meet them later.

We went our separate ways at the Azeka Shopping Center (another mall – ugh) and Ger and I thought The Rents restaurant and ours were in the same complex but after walking around a little we realized it was about 1/2 a mile away from where we were. Poor Gerry’s foot was so sore he didn’t want to walk so I spotted a Taco Bell and a Thai Place. We checked out Royal Thai Cuisine and the menu was vegan friendly … The food was meh … but it filled us up. I think Gerry liked it better then I did.

Met up with my parents who also had a so/so lunch and we drove through Kihei to find where my Zeyda’s condo was and reminisce a little. We stopped at the beach where we used to play as kids and talked about going to climb on the rocks (or as we Kramers call it “rocker climbing”) … but the wind had picked up, Gerry’s foot was really bugging him and we were all grumpy from our “meh” meals so we headed back to the car for the long drive back to Kaanapali.

It was one of those days that was just “meh” from the start. I didn’t even take a single photo that day … that’s how you know how “meh” it was.  🙂

The one thing that saved the day was stopping at the farmers market on the way home to pick up some fruit. I bought a pineapple that was so tasty it almost made up for all the hours in the mall and sitting in the back of the car.

We all agreed that Day 2 wasn’t the best … but we still had 4 more days to go! Woot!

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