Happy New Year!

I love New Years. Not because I like to party like a rock star but because it’s a chance to reflect back on the last 364 days and see if I’m pointed in the right direction. Like most self-employed people with several business to attend to at once – the last thing on my to-do list is “take care of me”.

Well, I pledge to myself (and now that it’s on the internet – perhaps I’ll stick to it) that 2009 will be the year of Sarah.

What does this look like?
 I will strive for excellence, not perfection.

– I will be grace under pressure.

– I will pick my battles and let the rest slide off my back like water on a duck.

– I will turn off my computer at 6pm and not check my e-mail until morning.

- Most importantly … I will be kinder to myself.

2009 is going to be awesome!!

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